Photo of Mary Kunesh

With the endorsement of the SD39 and the DFL endorsement, I am ready to begin my campaign for re-election and continue as your State Senator!

Over the six years of representing our communities, my top legislative priorities have always been to continue to move Minnesota in the right direction to meet the unique needs of all Minnesotans. I remain deeply committed to our community, working to advance our broader progressive agenda – an equitable education plan for all students, racial and gender equity, clean water, lands and air, robust and broadly shared prosperity.

As your Senator, I am ready to lead us in rebuilding our economy, restoring our health, building a public safety practice that works for all Minnesotans.

I am firmly committed to finding innovative solutions to the tough challenges ahead of us and appreciate the input so many of you have shared!

Thank you for the honor of serving our communities in the Minnesota Senate,

So, let’s continue the work together!

To advance this work during the election interim, I do need your help. Between sessions, our campaign will be making calls, raising money, and organizing in our networks. I hope that you’ll join me along the way.



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