Investing in Strong Families and Strong Communities

We must ensure that our region continues to be a great place to learn, work, grow, and play. As our neighborhoods grow and become more diverse, our community must continue to be one that supports families at every stage – from just starting out to preparing for retirement.

  • Advance racial, gender and economic justice. Race, gender and economic based inequities continue to deepen in our state. We must be serious about ending disparities in opportunities and outcomes focusing on those most impacted by institutionalized forms of discrimination. That means using an intersectional lens on all our policymaking and centering the voices of people of color, Indigenous people, women, and low-income people.

  • Ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve. Mary believes investing in strong, quality education from pre-Kindergarten through post-secondary is essential for the district and for Minnesota. As a teacher for more than 20 years, Mary has seen first-hand the shift to “teaching to the test” and away from important core curriculum. It’s wrong and is not working for students or for teachers. As a leader in her school district’s groundbreaking initiatives to close achievement gaps, Mary is committed to investing in both emerging and proven strategies to make sure every student in our schools has the opportunity to reach their full potential. She will work to fully fund public schools across our state and strongly believes that state must ensure post-secondary education remain accessible and affordable.
  • Strengthen family economic security. Mary believes that hard work should pay-off so that every family has the opportunity to thrive. This means having programs ready to help working parents through tough times and updating our basic labor standards to make sure Minnesotans don’t just get by, but can also get ahead. Mary is committed to fighting for common sense policies that ensures Minnesotans earn a living wage, have paid family leave and earned sick and safe time, access to affordable high-quality child care, and can enjoy a secure retirement. She also supports policies that expand workplace democracy, strengthen collective bargaining rights and fund strong enforcement.
  • Protect our environment for future generations. Climate change is a global threat with real consequences for our shared future. The stakes are clear and the moment demands clear, decisive action to advance solutions at the scale of our problem and advances a just transition to a clean energy future. Minnesota can and must be a leader on this front by achieving 100% Clean Energy by 2050, building a clean energy economy with high-quality jobs, safeguard pollinators, and protect our natural environment. Mary opposes building Line 3 because it is unnecessary and more pipelines do not move us closer to the clean energy future we must achieve. Mary also opposes PolyMet and the proposed Twin Metals mine
  • Ensure health care for all. As a young mom with three kids, Mary and her family relied on MinnesotaCare to keep them healthy and well. She knows that healthcare is a right – not a privilege for only those that can afford it. We must protect and strengthen MinnesotaCare and fight for a single-payer health care system that makes dental, vision, and mental health services available to all Minnesotans. It is also past time to reign in pharmaceutical greed and pass policies that guarantee life-saving drugs are accessible and affordable for everyone who needs them.
  • End gun violence. As a teacher, Mary has seen the bone-chilling ways gun violence is affecting our communities. From kids coming to school dealing with trauma at home or from the news to running terrifying lockdown and reverse evacuation drills throughout the school year. In the school district Mary works in, every year for the last three years a young person – always from a different school – has shown up to one of the school buildings with a loaded gun. We have lost too many lives to gun violence. We must pass common sense gun reforms including automatic universal background checks and passing red flag laws designed to stop guns from getting in the hands of people who would do harm to themselves or others.